Sampling Simple Savvy

As a member of the family in this home, I am dedicated to providing quality service. As such, I will adhere to these 20 skills of savvy employees:

  • I will assume the responsibility for my life and my actions.
  • I will nurture healthy interpersonal relationships.
  • I will be respectful, trustworthy,  friendly, courteous, warm and compassionate.
  • I will foster a positive environment throughout our home.
  • I will be committed to finding solutions to problems.
  • I will foster change as an opportunity for growth.
  • I will communicate openly and directly.
  • I will treat each customer as my most important priority.
  • I will dedicate myself to providing quality service to every customer and every member of this home's family.
  • I will respect the privacy and preserve the dignity of each customer.
  • I always will observe confidentiality.
  • I will be a part of this home's family and I will work as a team member.
  • I will encourage, compliment and support both residents and co-workers.
  • I will affirm each person's contribution to quality patient care.
  • I will not engage in the BBBMGs (bickering, back-biting, blaming, moaning and groaning).
  • I will not gossip.
  • I will forgive others if they make a mistake.
  • I will address all concerns and frustrations appropriately.
  • I will smile.
  • I will give the best I have to give all the time.

If you would like information on how to order Simple Savvy, please click here. This link will open a PDF file which includes pricing information and an order form.