We have chosen to follow a sacred trust to provide for the needs of the frail, the elderly, and the disabled; to care for them as whole persons created by God who are equal in the sight of God and under the laws of our country; and to reap no other benefit than the satisfaction of an important mission accomplished well.

We promote and enhance the autonomy and dignity of our residents and clients by providing the best possible programs and services which contribute to the spiritual, physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being of the people and communities we serve.

Our Philosophy of Accountability

As a LeadingAge Wisconsin member, we are dedicated to excellence in providing a continuum of services designed to enhance the quality of life and promote the greatest independence for each individual we serve.

  • All persons affiliated with this long term care organization commit themselves to providing compassionate and competent services.
  • We develop our policies with resident/client quality of life as our first priority.
  • We commit our resources, both financial and human, to ensure high quality care and services for each resident and client.
  • We admit, accept, and serve residents and clients regardless of race, creed, color, sex, and religious preference where other policies are not previously stated in writing.
  • Residents and clients and, where appropriate, family members and legal representatives are given full information about services and fees and are fully informed of their rights and responsibilities.
  • Residents' and clients' family and friends are encouraged to remain supportive and participate in the planning and delivery of services.
  • Individualized services that exemplify dignity and respect for each resident and client are provided to meet each of their unique needs as efficiently as possible.
  • We maintain a clean, safe, healthy and supportive environment for the well-being and comfort of our residents and clients.
  • We adhere to and promote resident/client rights established for their happiness and well-being.

As a LeadingAge Wisconsin member, we are dedicated to excellence in providing and promoting professional, challenging, and enriching career and volunteer opportunities.

  • We treat all employees and volunteers equitably and consistently in all matters of our employment policies and practices.
  • We seek to pioneer improvements in our services and their delivery.
  • We recognize the rapidly changing environment and advancing technology and we promote the development of qualified and competent employees and volunteers through continual orientation to our mission and the provision of educational opportunities.
  • We respect the individual rights and dignity of each employee and volunteer and allow each the full expression of these rights.
  • We encourage excellence and professionalism in our employees and the provision of their duties and we uphold the integrity of their actions.

As a LeadingAge Wisconsin member, we uphold the integrity of our not-for-profit philosophy, the mission of our voluntary organization, and the value of our caring commitment to quality service within our community.

  • No employee, volunteer or board member receives any direct or indirect financial benefit from the organization or from any providers of goods and services except as provided in an employment contract or as reported annually in writing to the governing board.
  • Revenues generated by the organization are designated to further improve programs and services to the benefit of our residents and clients, our employees, and our community.
  • Consistent with our not-for-profit philosophy, we deem it our responsibility to actively participate in community activities and exercise leadership through a variety of charitable activities in the community.
  • We promote integrity in all aspects of care by following the laws of the land, adhering to all applicable statutes and regulations, responding to the rights of individuals, enforcing the responsibilities of all, and promoting honesty in all our dealings.
  • We believe persons of concern and integrity are essential in providing quality care and, thus,we maintain a dedicated, committed, and qualified team of employees.
  • We maintain a sound financial base and professional management to ensure ongoing service to the community.
  • We actively strive to enhance the public image of not-for-profit long-term care providers and the people we serve.
  • We act as an advocate for the elderly and for our provider member organizations throughout society and within government.
  • We respect the dignity of all persons and uphold genuine respect for life and health.