Echelon - A Quality Improvement Program for Those Who Strive for Excellence in Assisted Living


The LeadingAge Wisconsin Echelon is our systematic and all encompassing program to serve assisted living professionals who strive for excellence in the care and services they offer.

Driven by the passion and commendable efforts of our assisted living providers, LeadingAge Wisconsin has developed and maintains an unparalleled forum for peer networking and sharing, a series of quality improvement initiatives, quality improvement modules, and staff training modules. The momentum generated by this network of professionals catapulted us into a leading role for assisted living facilities when we became the first association to have a program approved for the Wisconsin Coalition for Collaborative Excellence in Assisted Living (WCCEAL).

WCCEAL is a group of dedicated people organized to improve the outcomes of individuals living in Wisconsin assisted living communities (ALCs). Your assisted living community will have the opportunity to access the many benefits of WCCEAL once you join the LeadingAge Wisconsin Echelon program. You can learn more about WCCEAL here and here

What Is Echelon?

Echelon, an approved WCCEAL program, provides tools and resources to assist each participating assisted living community with its individual quality improvement journey. 

If you would like to learn more about what Echelon would mean for your assisted living community, you can download a booklet about Echelon here.

Membership in Echelon is open to all assisted living communities that are members or subscribers of LeadingAge Wisconsin. If you are a LeadingAge Wisconsin member or subscriber and you are ready to join Echelon, please complete the Echelon Participation and Self-Attestation Form and return the form and your payment to LeadingAge Wisconsin.

If you would like additional information about Echelon, please contact Robin Wolzenburg, Vice President Clinical & Regulatory, or 608-255-7060.

If you are a member of Echelon and would like to access the Echelon tools and resources, please click the appropriate link below. You will need your LeadingAge Wisconsin username and password, as well as your password to enter the Echelon site.

CBRF Echelon Members, please click here.

RCAC Echelon Members, please click here.

CBRF Manager's Certification Program: The LeadingAge Wisconsin CBRF Manager's Certification Program is designed to enhance the knowledge base of new and current managers.   A four DVD set, together with the companion materials, review the regulations of DHS 83 illustrated with practical, real life examples, to ensure you gain value added implementation strategies to strengthen operations and maintain success into the future. This comprehensive training course brings together the best information, resources, policies, procedures, forms, and strategies shared by knowledgeable and successful CBRF managers from across the state. This course will assist in preparing the CBRF manager to adapt to the future of this unique senior life setting.

RCAC Manager's Comprehensive Training Program is a unique, self-paced, DVD-based education program that will give new and experienced managers the tools and resources they need to achieve success as a leader in the RCAC setting.  This program addresses DHS 89 regulations, resident and family expectations, clinical essentials, survey preparation, financial management, human resources, leadership and management skills, physical environment, life safety, and much more.  Contact LeadingAge Wisconsin today for information on this comprehensive training program.