The Synergy Network for Skilled Nursing Facilities

What is the LeadingAge Wisconsin Synergy Network?

LeadingAge Wisconsin is developing the Synergy Network to be a systematic and all-encompassing program to serve clinical professionals working in the skilled nursing facility environment. Synergy will grow from the simple premise that if you share a little, you will gain a lot.

Our Synergy Network will grow and develop over time so that we have a systematic and ongoing process to offer participating SNF clinical professionals:

  • Guidance on regulatory compliance
  • Strategies and solutions for survey success
  • Strategies for operational implementation and sustainability of clinical policies and procedures
  • Quarterly meetings which will feature informational updates, networking discussions, sharing forums, and case studies
  • A website featuring shared policies, procedures, best practices, tools, and other resources
  • Other products and services as identified by the Synergy Task Force

The strength of our Synergy is that this new venture will be designed, developed and sustained by the true experts in skilled nursing facility clinical care – you!

The Synergy of Members Helping Members

(The following was drafted by the LeadingAge Wisconsin Synergy Task Force and adopted by the Synergy Network.)

It is the vision of LeadingAge Wisconsin that, through our Synergy Network, we are providing a forum to assist those professionals who strive for excellence in skilled nursing. Through this forum, members help members as they work together to advance quality care and services. To make this possible:

  • Members of the Synergy Network are encouraged to contact LeadingAge Wisconsin to discuss opportunities and concerns. LeadingAge Wisconsin is available to discuss with members of the Synergy Network the application and implementation of The Synergy Network tools and to pair members of the Synergy Network with other members of the Synergy Network for assistance and guidance.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in the Synergy Network and the Synergy Task Force.
  • Members are encouraged to identify resources (including but not limited to, tools, resources, best practices, and areas of expertise) they are willing to share through the Synergy Network.
  • Members are encouraged to utilize the LeadingAge Wisconsin listserv for immediate support, answers, advice, guidance, and counsel in any area related to skilled nursing and quality improvement.
  • Through the Synergy Network, LeadingAge Wisconsin will offer/provide:
    • Guidance and support
    • In-depth instruction on the use, application, and integration of the association’s quality improvement tools
    • Facilitated peer-to-peer partnerships for information sharing and collaborative learning
    • Networking and sharing through quarterly meetings

Get Involved/Be Engaged

If you would like more information about becoming an active participant of The Synergy Network, please contact Robin Wolzenburg, Vice President Clinical & Regulatory