Governor’s 2023-25 Biennial Budget Proposals: LTC Related Provisions

Skilled Nursing Facilities, Family Care and Long-Term Care Transitions Pilot (2023-2025 Budget Requests)

2023-23 Payment Reform Budget Requests: SNF and Family Care

Hospital to LTC Transitions Pilot Proposal 

FY23 Medicaid Nursing Home Methods Changes (DHS,9/23)

May 7, 2021 ARPA Funding Request

2021-23 Nursing Home Biennial Budget Ask

2021-23 Family Care Budget Ask

2020 Workforce Crisis Report

Nursing Facility For Your Action -- $83 Million Ask

Wisconsin Nursing Facility Access Study Video

Family Care For Your Action -- May 2019

Proposed 2019-21 Budget Lowers Nursing Facility Spending

Skilled Nursing Facility Closures since 2016

Medicaid Loss Report (2017-2018)

Nursing Home Underspending Chart 2018

Nursing Home Labor Region Proposal

2019-21 Family Care Biennial Budget Request 

2019-21 SNF Biennial Budget Request

Medicaid CMI File

National Advocacy-- CNA Training; Preserve Medicaid; and Financing Reform

LeadingAge (National) Issue Papers

Labor Region Proposal-- Day at the Capitol

Nursing Home Medicaid Losses and Fact Sheet--March 2018

2018 Workforce Survey Summary

Draft Family Care Changes

Dementia Certification/CNA Training (AB 630)

Public Policy Forum Meeting Packet-- February 15, 2018

Labor Meeting Materials Dec. 5, 2017

Behavioral/Cognitive Impairment Incentive (BEHCI)--DHS Corrected Scores

March/April 2015 Legislative Briefing Materials
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI Scores - June 30, 2011 "Picture Date" 
LeadingAge Comments on Proposed CMS Rule Requiring Independent LTC Pharmacy Consultants
CMS Response to DHS Medicaid Waiver Request
DHS Proposes Virtual PACE Pilots to Serve 20,000 Dual Eligibles
Senator Kohl Urges Joint MedPAC and MacPAC Analysis of Federal/State Policies on Nursing Home Reimbursement Rates
Medicaid CMI - 12/31/10 & 3/31/11 "Picture Dates"
WAHSA Comments on Virtual PACE Program
"Revised" Medicaid CMI - 12/31/10 "Picture Date"
Medicaid Nursing Home Model - 7/1/2011 Rates
LeadingAge Analysis of President's Proposed Medicaid/Medicare Cuts
Advocates Letter to DHS Secretary Smith on Unspecified Medicaid Cuts
Nursing Home Medicaid CMI - 12/31/10 Picture Date
WAHSA Letter to WI Congressional Delegation Opposing Federal Medicaid/Medicare Cuts
Updated DHS Guidance on MA Transportation
DHS Medicaid Nursing Home Formula Information
WAHSA Proposes Medicaid Cost Savings Recommendations to DHS
WAHSA Submits Comments to CMS on Medicaid Waiver Funding
RestrictionsDHS Joins Efforts to Stop CMS' Proposal to Limit MA Assisted Living Funding
Joint Committee on Finance Adopts Medicaid Budget
WAHSA and WHCA Ask Joint Finance Committee to Return Bed Tax Skim and Protection From Cuts
Nursing Home Medicaid CMI's - Picture Dates - 9/30/10, 6/30/10, 3/31/10, & 12/31/09
Nursing Home Economic Impact Statement by Senate District
NorthStar Economics Documents Long Term Care Providers' $5.0 Billion Contribution to Wisconsin's Economy
State Budget Repair Bill Overview
GOP Governors Seek Leeway to Cut Medicaid Rolls
Walker's health director advised states to drop Medicaid, fight feds reform
Nursing Home Quality Care Challenge -- WAHSA 2011
Nursing Home Medicaid CMI's 6/30/10 Picture Date
Reimbursement: Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pumps for Nursing Homes
Property Incentive Application - November 2010
Candidate Barrett's Position on Bed Tax and Medicaid Funding
Fact Sheet: Medicaid Underpayment for Resident Care
2009-2010 Nursing Facility Medicaid Losses by Senate District
Candidate Walker's Position on Bed Tax and Medicaid Increases
WAHSA 2011 Rate Analysis in Response to DHS Secretary Timberlake
Nursing Home Medicaid CMI's 3/31/10 Picture Date
WAHSA-WHCA Nursing Home Request -- Funding Restoration
Nursing Home Provider Meeting - August 17, 2010 Handouts
Wisconsin Medicaid - Rate Reform Version 2
ForwardHealth Update - February 2010
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI & Behavior Scores - September 30, 2009 - Picture Date
WAHSA Opposes Extending Medicaid Transportation Broker System to Nursing Home Residents
ForwardHealth Update 2010-05: Reimbursement and Claims Submission Changes for Nursing Home Provided Non-emergency Transportation for Nursing Home Residents
MA Losses with Ownership 2010
Unspecified MA Cuts - Nursing Facilities
To Tax or Not To Tax Retirement Homes for the Aged
2009 Assembly Bill 389 Issue Brief
Fact Sheet: Medicaid Underpayment for Resident Care
LAB Audit of the Family Care Program
Initial WAHSA Legislative Agenda for 2011-13
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI & Behavior Scores - June 30, 2009 - Picture Date
December 2009 DHS ForwardHealth Rate Reform Project (final)
DHS Nursing Home Overview Presentation - November 2009 (Posted 12/4/09)
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI & Behavior Scores - March 31, 2009 - Picture Date
Property Allowance Incentive Application 2009-2010
WAHSA Recommendations on DHS Rate Reform Initiative - Long Term Care
DHS Proposes Measures to Cut/Save $625 Million From Medicaid
Proposed Labor Factors for July 1, 2009 Medicaid Rates
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI and Behavior Scores - December 31, 2008 "Picture Date"
Governor Doyle Signs Budget Bill Into Law
WAHSA Opposes Unspecified Medicaid Cuts; Proposes Cost Saving Alternatives
AB 75 WAHSA Position Paper
NorthStar Economics Documents Long Term Care Providers' $5.2 Billion Contribution to Wisconsin's Economy
WAHSA/WHCA Press Release on Economic and Employment Contributions of Wisconsin's Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Economic Impact Statement by Senate District
Department of Health Services Asks Providers to Help Cut $415 Million from Medicaid
Bed Tax Legislative Briefing Paper - 2009 AB 75
IFG CPE History - State vs Local Gov't
2009 ICF-MR Bed Tax Increase AB 75
2009-11 Budget Summary - Non-Bed Tax Issues
Medicaid Nursing Home Fact Sheet & Losses by Senate District - 2007-08
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI and Behavior Scores - June 30, 2008 "Picture Date"
2009 Medicaid Rates for Family Care and Managed Care Organizations
Wisconsin Medicaid CMI and Behavior Scores - March 31, 2008 -Picture Date
WAHSA Medicaid Request